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    **********************Not available for 2 hour delivery in Atlanta ******************************


    • Made from our best-selling super-soft, stretchy Pure Platinum Silicone
    • Shaft gets thicker in the middle before tapering down towards the base
    • Soft and squishy for comfort but firm enough for easy penetration
    • Thin, lengthy design for deep penetration
    • Rubbery balls double as a grip for easy penetration
    • Info on Jimmy


      JIMMY is a pure silicone dildo that's long and skinny. It's made from our best-selling Pure Platinum Silicone so it's blubbery and fleshy but still firm enough for comfortable penetration. The knobby head tapers down then gradually widens at the middle of the shaft. JIMMY is great for guys who prefer length over girth or deep penetration.


      Like long skinny dicks? Well, then do we have the toy for you...JIMMY is a lengthy cock shaped dildo designed to fill you deep. 

      It's made from high quality Pure Platinum Silicone so it's soft n' smooth but still firm and fleshy enough to stick up your buttpucker. 

      The knobby head tapers down then gradually grows in thickness near the middle of the shaft. 

      The smooth design and lengthy shape are designed for serious hole-exploring.

      What JIMMY lacks in girth it certainly makes up for in length...




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