Portable Pop Container
  • Portable Pop Container

    We all have been there, that one time our fingers slipped and bam, a whole bottle of cleaners on the bed.  With the portable popper container there is no need to worry about dumping the  whole bottle.  You just unscrew the cap and remove the plastic piece.  Take the cotton swab out of the container.  Using one of your bottles of cleaner you previously purchased, place the absorbant material in the  cleaner into the cotton material untill its absorbed to your prefrence.  Place the cotton back in the container, place the plastic piece back onto the container and you are ready to go.  These containers are great for the club or at home in bed.  Anywhere you dont want to worry about spilling your bottle.  This will also keep you from having to open your main bottle costantly and increase the potency of your bottle.*Double Scorpio bottle not included



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